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Worship at Trinity is  traditional and liturgical

At Trinity, you will find a steady liturgy for an unsteady world - an ancient faith for today's people.  The heart of our life is devotion to the Word of God and frequent Communion.

The Church from the beginning has¬†worshiped¬†liturgically. The Lord Himself prescribed the liturgy of the tabernacle. In the book of Acts, the first Christians in Jerusalem are described as¬†‚Äúdedicated to the doctrine of the Apostles, the communion of the breaking of the bread, and the prayers‚Ä̬†(Acts 2:42). The early Christians combined the service of the Jewish synagogue (three Scripture readings, Psalms, sermon, and prayers) with the Lord‚Äôs Supper. This became the basis of the Divine Service, which has two parts, the service of the Word (three Scripture readings, Psalms, sermon, and prayers) and the service of the Sacrament (thanksgiving, Lord‚Äôs Prayer, and Holy Communion).¬†

The Lutheran Reformers were not modernizers seeking to create a new church. They wanted to continue in the greater tradition of the Church with the liturgy cleansed from all false teaching.  Lutherans rejoice in our continuity with the Church from the apostolic age and the faith the Church fathers passed down. 

At Trinity, we celebrate the Holy Communion every first, third and fifth Sundays and on other festivals, according to the liturgical settings found in Lutheran Service Book.

We also offer seasonal evening services in Advent and Lent to further Christian devotion.


Children in church

At Trinity we believe that families should worship together, with children learning the liturgy from their parents. We encourage parents to guide their children throughout the service, helping them to learn the language of the faith. Your children are welcome here!

At times young children need attention outside of the sanctuary. Feel free to use the nursery room in the church basement.  The service can be heard there through a speaker system.  We also have a changing table in the nursery room.  


Being a part of the Holy Communion

At Trinity we gladly celebrate the gift of our Lord’s Body and Blood in the Sacrament of the Altar. In this Sacrament we joyfully receive Christ’s Body and Blood, under bread and wine, for the forgiveness of our sins.

As we celebrate the Sacrament we also give public confession to our¬†unity in the Christian faith (1 Cor. 10).¬†¬†Members in good standing of¬†congregations of The Lutheran Church‚ÄĒMissouri Synod are asked to¬†announce themselves to the pastor prior to the service before¬†communing. All others are invited to speak with the pastor about¬†preparing for communion fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran¬†Church. Those not communing are invited to come forward for a¬†blessing, kneeling with arms crossed.

Please be assured that we do this not out of spiritual arrogance, but rather in a sincere desire to be faithful to our Lord’s command and the apostles’ teaching.