Mission and Vision

Trinity Lutheran Church and School as part of the Body of Christ, seeks to grow through God's Word and Sacraments so that we proclaim Christ's love and reach out to all in everything we do, pointing them to Christ.


Worship Life at Trinity Lutheran Church and School

Christian worship begins with the crucified Christ, who comes to us in Word and Sacrament. He brings to the people of God forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation. We in turn extol these gifts with joyful thanksgiving and praise, proclaiming the story of God's love through His Word. This celebration is done in concert with the Church throughout the world, and finds its expression in the liturgy. Lutheran worship is therefore traditional in that it is part of the timeless culture of the Church, and contemporary in that it communicates the Gospel in ways that are appropriate to a given place and time. Since worship is the vocation of all baptized Christians, Lutheran liturgy calls for all individuals to do their parts, that faith may be increased among all who worship, and that Christ may be most strongly confessed before the world.

Providing worship that achieves these noble ends is the responsibility of any Christian congregation. Continuing in the tradition of the evangelical Lutheran communion, the Divine Service at Trinity seeks therefore to involve all who gather in the name of the Lord in the proclaiming, confessing, singing, and praying of God's Word.