null  PRAYERS FOR STRENGTH AND HEALING   



*Prayers for our Synodical President, Rev. Matthew Harrison, and all the leaders of the LC-MS, our District President , Rev. John Hill, and all pastors and teachers in the church.

*Prayers for our nation, prayers for the leaders of our country and our military.  Prayers for those in the Armed Forces –Todd Nethercott (Navy), Jennifer Fauth (Army), Andrew Shepherd (Air Force), Evan Swihart (Army), Chance Snell (Navy), Sean Sellenrick (Army), Alex McAuslan (Marines), Shayne Norman (Army Reserves), Grethe Hahn, Travis Taggart (Army), Scott Morey (Army), Tyler Williams (Navy), Cordell Lain (Army), Terressa Dierks, Kelly McAuslan (Navy), Jeffrey Galles (Marines), Rev. Ryan Mills (Army), Rev. Scott Shields (Navy),  Orlando Rodriguez, (Army),  Sgt. James DeKruyf, Chaplain Lynn Christensen, William Messick, Jr. (Army), Austin Sheehan (Army), Levi Jones ( Nat’l Guard), Ben Crandall (Army),               Kirk Stonecipher (Marines)